Hosting Orphan Travel Program

Dear all,

We are happy to announce the start of Ukrainian Orphan Travel Program which will take place this summer 2015 (at the end of June-beginning of July)! This program is an opportunity for orphaned children to have a cultural and educational experience visiting the United States, becoming a part of a hosting family, receiving an incredible and unforgettable opportunity to enjoy and share summer joy in America. Families sponsor and host orphaned children for 3 weeks during Summer 2015 (the end of June-beginning of July) and provide the children with the unique opportunity of having a family and friends who care for them in the United States. Our goal and desire is to help families to get connected with orphaned children to have a better understanding of the children’s lives and needs. The program will be held by: Youth Society of Ukraine (Spilka Molodi Ukrayiny with 20 years of experience in hosting programs) on the Ukrainian side and Adopt from Ukraine International Services and Consulting, supported by Ukrainian Women in Business, NFP “Faces of Compassion” project (a non-profit organization with an experience in fundraising events for Orphans with Disabilities in Ukraine) on the American side. Orphan children will come from mostly central and western part of Ukraine. All children are in good health and mental condition. Ages: 7 to 15 y.o.

After the hosting program, you are welcome to adopt a hosted child (if interested), visit him or her in Ukraine or bring him/her over for Christmas Travel program or Summer.

If you are willing to provide a child with this incredible opportunity, we encourage you to look through host family responsibilities and financial requirements.

Host Family Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities—financial and otherwise—as a Host Family?

All host families are responsible for the following:

 Providing hosted children with all meals;

 Providing hosted children with clothing (if need it);

 Paying for any activities in which you choose to participate;

 Paying the $2,700.00 (explained below) Program Fee (due April 15,2015) and $150 Application Fee;

 Providing all transportation to and from the airports to your home;

 The cost of National Criminal Background Checks and Sex Offender Checks


Financial Requirements:

Cost: Ukrainian Orphan Travel Program costs $2700 per child plus a $150 Application Fee. This cost is fixed. The fee includes:

  • $1100 paid officially to Youth Society of Ukraine for getting an international passport for a child, US Embassy visa ($160, paid officially to US Embassy in Ukraine), visa application forms, emergency medical insurance, chaperones fees, transportation from children’s homes to Kyiv International Airport and back
  • Approximately $1100-$1200 airfare fee from Kiev International Airport to Chicago International Airport or Raleigh international airport or JFK.
  • Donation to children’s homes ($150-$200). While hosting a child, not only will you provide him/her an incredible opportunity to enjoy Summer in America, but also help the children’s home he/she is from. We will make sure your donated money will go for children’s needs. Reports will be provided upon your request.
  • Joint airfare for all chaperons (or nurses) and guardians/translators ($250-$300 from each family to cover the cost of approximately 4-5 chaperons/guardians/translator)


When do I have to pay the fees? The $150 Application Fee is due at the time of submitting your application. The $2700 Travel Program Fee is due in three month prior arrival, which is April 15, 2015. These dates are fixed and all fees must be paid in an orderly fashion. Otherwise you will loose a chance to host a child this coming summer. If payment is not received in full by April 15,2015, your child will not be given permission to leave Ukraine.

Can I fundraise to off-set my costs? If families are interested in hosting a child and do not feel that they can afford the Program Fee, we encourage families to seek donations for their sponsored child from friends, families, churches, or businesses. Because Youth Society of Ukraine is a non-profit organization, all donations over $250 will be receipted and all contributions are tax deductible.

Note: If you do raise money for your hosted child:

ALL FUNDS are due on the Travel Program Due Date.

Please mark YOUR name and YOUR HOSTED CHILD’S name in the memo line of the check.

Please have all donors mail checks to you, and then mail all checks TOGETHER to us.

Guardians: The Ukrainian government requires Orphanage Staff and Guardians/Translators to accompany children traveling to the United States through the Travel Program.

Please, let us know if you are interested, and we will provide you with more information about the travel program, children, your responsibilities, necessary paperwork, etc. Should you have any questions, or require more information, do not hesitate to contact us.